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Welcome to the world of happy birds

Happy BirdsIt is the only company and the first of its kind in Israel, which produces and markets happy ornamental birds for the garden.

In establishing the family business, we combined the skills and professional experience of each of us,   with the aim of producing for you products combined with beauty and quality, which will turn your garden and garden terraces into an attraction! Our happy birds are made with great attention and precision, handmade and durable materials and for every bird of its character. We oblige to provide our customers with products that combine beauty and high quality.

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A little more about us

About relationship and joint creation

Very nice, we are Orly and Ron Golan. Living in Rishon Lezion, since our marriage we have acted mutually, in such a way that each side brought its unique advantages and skills, and in cooperation we were able to achieve our goals in various projects we set up. The special relationship between us allows a connection between 2 worlds, and different interests and skills from the world of management, design, aesthetics and technology. Together we designed and renovated our house, furnished the rooms of the house from the phase of collecting raw materials   to the design and production of the furniture. Over the years we established the project of our lives, raising  2 amazing twin pairs who, when they grew up, became our partners in establishing and managing HAPPY BIRDS.


Design, aesthetics and uncompromising quality

We produce the birds out of a passion for joy,  uncompromising aesthetics and quality and therefore we will use happy colors, quality materials and be careful about dynamism, to create joy.  

The birds are animated by a manual process in such a way that each bird receives from us our full attention with great thought and precision, and each bird receives its own character.

It is important to us that the birds arrive at their new home and that the joy in our customers' homes is stable.

Orly Golan, Adv

Over the years I studied and acquired academic degrees in the world of law and insurance, but despite the professionalization, the knowledge I gained and the formal occupation,   my love for design always remained in my heart.

From a young age I loved to draw birds, look at them at the end of the drawing and fly with the imagination to faraway places.

The birds symbolize freedom, creativity and flight.


Ron Golan, mechanical engineer

Expert in material strength and development Recovering objects, from the world of industry and technology, makes our common ideas possible with expertise and professionalism.

Over the years I worked as a mechanical engineer, producing aviation parts with high levels of precision.

To the birds   I take the birds I make very seriously and with a level of precision no less than perfect.

Our studio

Hours of development and production work in our studio,   family meetings where important decisions are made and cooperation for one important goal and that is to give the best quality product to our clientele. 


Our wonderful customers

The feedback from our customers makes us very happy,  especially when they share with us pictures of the happy birds from the new pavilion. 

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Here you can contact us


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