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Welcome to the happy birds website

 You have arrived at the happy birds website - dancing birds for home and garden design - handmade. For lovers of art, nature, color and joy.
We invite you to browse the site and choose the birds you liked.

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אודות הסיפור של ציפורים שמחות


Very nice, my name is Orly Golan

Over the years I studied and acquired academic degrees in the world of law and insurance, but despite the professionalization, the knowledge I gained and the formal occupation, my love for design always remained in my heart.

From a young age I loved to draw birds, look at them at the end of the drawing and fly with the imagination to far away places. I invite you to get excited with me and enter a world full of freedom, creativity and flight, welcome to the world of Happy Birds. 

אורלי גולן ציפורים שמחות

Who we are - Happy Birds

Our happy birds are made with great attention and precision, handmade and durable materials and for each bird its character. We oblige to provide our customers with products that combine beauty and high quality.

התקשרו אלינו

The personal attitude:Close supervision and professional advice from Orly Golan, the main designer, all along the way: from the deliberation stage, the selection of the bird and its characteristics, through the careful delivery to the house, until receiving the bird and providing a response and service after the purchase.

ציפורים עבודת יד

100% handmade: Each bird receives our full attention, the birds are designed and manufactured in our studio by hand after thinking, planning and paying great attention to aesthetics and artistic precision alongside the highest quality materials.

אוהבים את ציפורים שמחות

The emotion and joy:Our love for the field of ornamental design and the craft itself is reflected in each and every bird we produce, from the smallest to the largest among them. It is important to us that all our products are combined with beauty, sensitivity and quality.

Customers Recommend

Our customers love to praise with warm recommendations

תמונה של לקוחה עם ציפורים שמחות

Hanna H

Bat Yam

To the happy birds team, thank you so much for bringing joy to my garden.
The Golan family, the makers of the birds, you are champions!!!

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